Savannalore is a painter, illustrator, and creative hype woman working in Austin, Texas.

She creates beautiful trash and helps others rediscover their imaginations.

Why "Beautiful Trash?"

I use "beautiful trash" as a term of endearment for myself. I am imperfect, flawed, and not everyone's cup of tea. Not only is that 100% okay, but my particular qualities and personality traits make up the cocktail of my character, and that is a beautiful thing, regardless of how un-aesthetic that cocktail might be to others. I refuse to change myself according to social or artistic standards. I am anti-curated. THAT is what the "beautiful trash" label means to me. It is my secret password to social and artistic freedom, and it's a password I want to share with anyone who wants it. 

Recognize your Creativity

Everyone has the right to create art.

As creatives, we are responsible for contributing as much light to the world as we can. We have artistic energy, so we must share it.