Dearest reader,

Today, I met with Charles for morning coffee☕️ He is a writer, and since I am also a writer, I decided to ask him a bit about his creative process.⠀

“Where do you get your ideas?” I asked. I have heard it’s the most annoying question asked of writers, but I couldn’t resist. ⠀

Charles rested both elbows on the table and clasped his hands together. “I have a very special method,” he said. ⠀

“At the entrance of my mind, there is a shelf on the wall. I keep a box on the shelf. In the box, I keep the secret.” ⠀

He seemed content to end there, but I threw my hands up. “So what’s in the box?” ⠀

He leaned forward. “Mosquitos. I’ve got a swarm of huntin’ mosquitos in there. I release them into the hollows of my imagination and they suck the ideas from my blood. They fly back to me — clumsy and full — so I can milk them of the stuff. I bottle it up, and walla! Ideas to-go.” ⠀

I stared at him. “...oh. Cool.”

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